sonic footprints
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01. –research
  1. fieldrecording
01.1 – talking to
  1. Tim Ingold
  2. Salomé Voegelin
  3. Gianni Pavan
  4. Robert Rosenberger
02. – design
  1. making a vinyl
  2. working with musicians
03. – distribution
  1. crowdfund the record release
  2. visit me during DDW_23

  • about
  • “Sonic Footprints" is an investigative project that seeks to explore the impact of industrial sound emissions on the environment, viewing them as an ecological footprint. The investigation centers on the question of how mass-produced objects may interfere with ecosystems through the sounds that are generated during their manufacturing.

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working with musicians

                based on Salomé Voegelins ideas in “sonic possible worlds”, an invitation to think the world through sound as a completion to the visual regime that has constructed scientific thinking, the collected recordings were passed on to two electronic musicians who have spacialized in working with fieldrecordings. 
Their work serves as an emotional portal to understanding the world through sound and invites to not only think about noise pollution but to emotionally understand this phenomenon.

        about Inland Inland (real name Ed Davenport) is a British producer, DJ and composer based in Berlin. Known for his detailed and explorative techno, he’s released numerous EPs on his home label Counterchange (set up in 2013), and has released music on Ostgut Ton and Figure alongside numerous other labels and outlets. In 2018 he released his debut Inland LP on Ostgut Ton sub-label A-TON, an Audio-Visual collaboration with contemporary artist Julian Charrière.

        about shxcxchcxshWhile borderlining the loupe of impractical terms, such as techno or avantgarde, the Swedish duo has for the past decade built a reputation for their sonic finess rather than clear dramaturgy. Away from idolatry and escapism their music embodies a primitive urge to be alive.
Opposites attract and within that framework their performance continues to be a four leafed clover in contemporary club environments worldwide. By deconstructing the core of tomorrows dance floors SHXCXCHCXSH continually manage to create and destroy everything the consumer seek and enjoy. Where context is nothing impression is everything and the beholder remains in center.