sonic footprints
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01. –research
  1. fieldrecording
01.1 – talking to
  1. Tim Ingold
  2. Salomé Voegelin
  3. Gianni Pavan
  4. Robert Rosenberger
02. – design
  1. making a vinyl
  2. working with musicians
03. – distribution
  1. crowdfund the record release
  2. visit me during DDW_23

  • about
  • “Sonic Footprints" is an investigative project that seeks to explore the impact of industrial sound emissions on the environment, viewing them as an ecological footprint. The investigation centers on the question of how mass-produced objects may interfere with ecosystems through the sounds that are generated during their manufacturing.

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In search for the scoustic traces of the production of a toy dolphin, several fieldrecordings were collected. Both with a hydrophone as well as a stereo microphone, the supply chain of this product was captured acoustically both above as well as under water. 
Since sound has different properties under water than in air, the recording technology as well as it’s assesment differ quite a lot from classical atmospheric recordings.