sonic footprints
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01. –research
  1. fieldrecording
01.1 – talking to
  1. Tim Ingold
  2. Salomé Voegelin
  3. Gianni Pavan
  4. Robert Rosenberger
02. – design
  1. making a vinyl
  2. working with musicians
03. – distribution
  1. crowdfund the record release
  2. visit me during DDW_23

  • about
  • “Sonic Footprints" is an investigative project that seeks to explore the impact of industrial sound emissions on the environment, viewing them as an ecological footprint. The investigation centers on the question of how mass-produced objects may interfere with ecosystems through the sounds that are generated during their manufacturing.

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making a vinyl

resulting from the research toghether with philosophers, scientists and musicians the recordings were impronted into a vinyl record as a way of capturing the ephemeral phenomenon of noise. The vinyl, consisting of the same material as the toy dolphin thus serves as a metaphor for the soundfootprint in itself. 
being divided into side A and B, the transparent blue vinyl resembles the surface of the water, dividing the sounds into an airborn and a waterborn side.

vinyl in transparent blue